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Featured Weekend Reading (08/05/2011)

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Its that time again, thats right folks the most beloved day of the week is here! Its finally Friday. It has been a hectic week again here at CVA and we are all ready to relax and unwind. So lets not wait any longer, shut that laptop, send the phones to voicemail and lets get this weekend party started.Whether you are spending the weekend at the mall doing all that back to school shopping, or out on the lake, or doing my favorite thing, absolutely nothing, we hope you will take time out to read the great posts we have chosen for you this week. Here are just a few.

  • Law of Attraction Tips – We have all heard that people like to surround themselves with people who are like them. If you aren’t happy with the way things are going in your life these days it could be time to take a look at yourself. When you make changes to the core or inside of something the outside follows too. Be sure to check out Lisa’s blog for some great tips to get you on track with the laws of attraction.
  • Is Tunnel Vision Messing With Your Success- When is the last time you took a step back and really looked at everything you have accomplished with your business? Are you so focus on moving forward that you forget to look back at where you have been? Be sure to check out Amy’s blog to learn how to stop letting your tunnel vision hold you back.
  • How to Manage Your Energy Like a Power Company Executive- We all know the importance of time management. There are tons and tons of how to’s and tips everywhere you look all promising to help you cram a few more mins in your day. But are you really accomplishing anything or spending all your time running in circles. Be sure to check out Mike’s blog on energy management and learn how to do more with your time.

And that’s all folks…. We here at CVA want to wish each of you a safe weekend! Stay cool and see ya next week with more great posts. Do you have big plans for the weekend? We’d love to hear about it!  Leave us a comment in the comments section. See you next week and be sure to visit Contemporary VA’s Stumble Upon Blog for even more featured posts.


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Posted on August 5th, 2011 by Angela Anderson, Virtual Assistant

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