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Email Ping Pong: Helping to handle your clients email, how and what techniques

One of the biggest problems we face today is receiving hundreds of emails a day; this has become a real challenge for many business ownersOn average our clients receive daily somewhere between 150-500 emails, while most of them are SPAM, it takes many hours to go through them.

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Featured Weekend Reading (08/05/2011)

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Its that time again, thats right folks the most beloved day of the week is here! Its finally Friday. It has been a hectic week again here at CVA and we are all ready to relax and unwind. So lets not wait any longer, shut that laptop, send the phones to voicemail and lets get this weekend party started.

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Getting the Most Out of Your VA – How to Effectively Communicate Your Needs

In order to get the most from your experience with working with a virtual assistant, it is important that you know the best ways to effectively communicate your needs with them.

One way to achieve this is to lay out exactly what you want done. Never assume that your virtual assistant knows exactly what you mean, especially if this is a task that you haven’t had them perform before. While it may take some time for you beforehand, breakdown the task you need done step by step by making a list or mind map of the task. You may find this extremely helpful, especially if this will be for an ongoing task. Not only will it give your virtual assistant a reference to complete the task step by step, but should you ever need a backup virtual assistant the task will already be laid out for them helping to ensure that no mistakes will be made and no step will be missed.

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