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The Importance of Branding in Your Social Media Efforts

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Large and small businesses alike are well aware of the importance of branding and consistency. When you think of products and brands like Pepsi, Apple, and Microsoft Windows, it is no accident that very specific images, messages, and even colors come to mind.

When it comes to taking (or starting) your business online, the importance of branding is not diminished. In fact, doing business online may actually increase the need for vigilance in your message to the world.

While the first stages of online business involve a snappy website focused tightly on your logo, products, and services, the branding does not stop there. As you build your online presence, you will undoubtedly find value and even necessity in creating social media profiles on the more popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These profiles provide ample opportunity to strengthen your brand and message – opportunity which is sadly missed by far too many small businesses.

There are several very simple ways to tie your social media efforts into your brand and marketing strategies. First, look to the background of any given profile you have. Is this background custom to you or very generic? If it were a page on your own site, would it mesh well or stick out like a sore thumb? If the background can be changed, such as on Twitter and YouTube, then you should be sure to create one or have it created by a professional.

It is very important that these backgrounds be designed specifically for the social site they are on – not pulled straight off your main website. This will prevent tiling and ensure that the important elements, such as your logo and slogan, can be seen.

On sites which don’t allow custom backgrounds for your profile, consider creating a profile image that represents you and/or your company. Facebook badges, for instance, are a very effective way to keep your brand in the forefront of visitors’ minds.

Branding in social media is not just important for letting people know who you are, but also in attracting the type of customers or clients you want to do business with. By having a very clear and direct branding and marketing strategy, you take large strides toward building a business that makes you and your potential customers happy. By clouding your message with scattered or non-existent branding, you make it impossible for those ideal customers to find you.

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Posted on August 22nd, 2011 by Team CVA

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