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What Should You Expect in a New VA Relationship?

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Aww, what an exciting time!! You have been hired as a virtual assistant and assigned your very first client. Whether you are being assigned your very first client or you are a seasoned virtual assistant just being assigned a new client can be a cause for the butterflies of nervousness to creep in.  The cause of the nervousness….not knowing what to expect.

Not knowing what to expect from the client and what the client will expect from you, their new virtual assistant can be nerve wrecking for both parties, but there are two easy solutions to this.

Solution one: The butterflies might always be there when starting a new VA relationship, but remember to remain CONFIDENT at all times.

Solution two: Keep Reading

So, exactly what should you expect from your new VA relationship? ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING, but here are a few more specific things to expect.

When starting your new VA relationship expect…

To take some time to get to know one another. After being assigned a client schedule a chat with them. During the chat discuss expectations and if the client is open to it, discuss personal, but not too personal, basics like family, hobbies, and etc. If you don’t make an instant connection on the first call , do not worry, remember you are strangers to each other and it takes longer for some to open up and become comfortable. Whether there is an instant connection or not, still remain professional and courteous at all times. Also, don’t attempt to force the relationship, just let things flow natural, just remember its one day at a time, the connection will come.

Expect to be flexible. When starting out the client might not know exactly what or how to delegate to you the tasks they want you to complete, so be flexible.  Also, be patient and help the client as you get acclimated to each other and help each other in getting tasks completed correctly and efficiently.

Expect to do follow ups. Follow ups are a time to discuss issues, concerns, new tasks, and game plans. Every client is different, some will want to talk and others will be clients you will never speak with past the initial meet and greet. As a general rule of thumb, at the very least try to have a chat with your client at least once a month and send them updates via email at least once a week. I personally have clients with which I both do follow ups through a phone call once a week to discuss new tasks, updates, and etc. Or we may only chat once a month, but I send them an update once a week, usually Friday on everything I have completed for the week.

My clients and I also email or talk daily as needed if something new arises or whatever the case may be. Follow ups are important as they assure that you understand the clients needs and instructions and that you are doing what the client needs, and doing it right.  Follow ups also assure the client that tasks are getting done and you are truly an asset to them. Whatever you do stay in contact on an ongoing basis whenever possible, things manage to run a lot more smoothly that way.

Remember EVERY client is not the same, as a matter a fact, you can count on every client being different. Actually that’s my favorite part of being a VA, meeting and dealing with different people. Being a VA can be both rewarding and challenging, but knowing some of what to expect can make it a little less nerve wracking.

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Posted on August 29th, 2011 by Ursula Burden, Virtual Assistant

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Crissy says:

I feel more prepared for my first client meeting after reading this!

Posted: October 20, 2013 @ 1:20 pm

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