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Featured Weekend Reading (09/30/2011)

2011 08 18 Kettlewell-41

TGIF! Those four letters pretty much sum things up for us this week. It has been a super busy week for us all here at CVA even more so because its the end of the month. We have all worked hard and now its time to relax, recover and regroup. So without futher adue lets bring this weekend on. I want you to shut those laptops, roll the phones to voicemail and be lazy. So lets get this weekend started!

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5 Keys to a Successful Client & VA Relationship

Putting The Puzzle Together
Your first priority when running your business should be to treat your staff well.  If you have a strong team who believe in your vision and are passionate about your business, just imagine how they will communicate with your customers.  A happy team leads to happy customers which of course leads to a more successful business!

When working with a Virtual Assistant, it is important to incorporate them into your team.  Here are five ways to ensure a successful relationship with your virtual team:

1.) Communicate, Communicate, Communicate! This could be all five rules.  The importance of regular and consistent communication with your VA can not be stressed enough.  Have weekly meetings where you can see one another (use Skype!), talk through the priorities of the week, and clarify project plans.  It’s more pleasant working with people than just faceless names on a computer screen, and you will be more likely to get better work from employees who see you as a person rather than just a task allocator.

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Featured Weekend Reading (09/23/2011)

Snowmass hot air balloon festival

Woo Hoo its finally here. Thats right folks its Friday. Four little letters sum this week up. TGIF! It has been a busy, hectic week gearing up for the end of the month, but the weekend is here and its time to relax. So get up and get out and enjoy whats left of September. Time is flying by and 2012 will be here before we know it.

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How can Autoresponders help build your business?

In all the forms of social media, email is still king. Millions of people use services like Twitter, Facebook, and even the new Google+. All of these are great for communicating all kinds of information to your prospects, customers, and friends. Email, however, is used by more people than any of these other services; and they use it at work, at home, and even on their phones.

The questions is, how do you manage the time to send email to all your customers and prospects, and avoid getting flagged as a spammer? That is where autoresponders can help. An autoresponder is a pre-written email that is automatically generated based on a pre-set action. If you have ever sent someone an email and then received a message from them that says: “I am out of the office but will reply when I get back,” or “the email you sent did not go through,” you have received an autoresponder email.

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Featured Weekend Reading (09/16/2011)


Pumpkin Field
Yipee! My favorite day of the week is here. That’s right folks it’s finally Friday! It has been a busy week and now it’s time to relax and enjoy the weekend. This is my favorite time of year, cooler temperatures, the smells, the colors and oh yeah football. So without further hesitation let’s get this weekend started.

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4 Easy Tips for Effective E-mail Communication

Email is a vital communication hub of nearly every business, especially for those that operate fully online. You may be communicating with your entire audience via email only through a helpdesk type of system. Or perhaps you have diverse employees or consultants scattered across the country or even the globe. Even if you just use email to communicate a few vital bits of information, effective communication can go a long way in getting good results. Email, therefore, is a very important way to stay in tuned with both your clientele and those that contribute to your team.

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