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5 Keys to a Successful Client & VA Relationship

Putting The Puzzle Together
Your first priority when running your business should be to treat your staff well.  If you have a strong team who believe in your vision and are passionate about your business, just imagine how they will communicate with your customers.  A happy team leads to happy customers which of course leads to a more successful business!

When working with a Virtual Assistant, it is important to incorporate them into your team.  Here are five ways to ensure a successful relationship with your virtual team:

1.) Communicate, Communicate, Communicate! This could be all five rules.  The importance of regular and consistent communication with your VA can not be stressed enough.  Have weekly meetings where you can see one another (use Skype!), talk through the priorities of the week, and clarify project plans.  It’s more pleasant working with people than just faceless names on a computer screen, and you will be more likely to get better work from employees who see you as a person rather than just a task allocator.

2.) Provide specific guidelines and timelines: Use a project management system, to do list manager or even a simple spreadsheet to list out tasks and deadlines.  This will ensure both of you can easily see the status of your projects and avoid any confusion over assignments or deadlines.  When communicating tasks be clear in your direction and available to your VA if they have any questions – see above – a weekly meeting makes this easier.

3.) Don’t be afraid to delegate: You’ve hired a VA so it’s time to let go a little.  A great way to think about what to delegate is to look at all areas of your business.  What items do you simply not enjoy doing?  Where could you use the most help that would free you up to concentrate on revenue generating tasks? These are the tasks to delegate to your VA.  Think about this; if you are now free to concentrate fully on revenue generating tasks, how much more could your business grow?

4.) Share Your Vision: To get the most out of your VA, take time to communicate the vision of your business, this will strengthen your relationship and provide your VA with clear direction and insight into you and your business goals.  When your VA understands how their task fit into the big picture, they can become a true business partner and offer more and more value.

5.) Evaluate: Provide regular feedback to your VA on their performance and be open to their feedback too.  Let your VA know what they do for you that is excellent and what you would like them to do better.  A mix of positive and constructive feedback will help your VA improve and lead to better results for you.  Be open to ideas and feedback from your VA too

Oh, did we mention communicate?  Using these tips will ensure a strong sense of team with your CVA Virtual Assistant and a more successful business for you!

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Posted on September 26th, 2011 by Jennifer Gallagher, General Manager

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