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The other day when helping a client transition from 1ShoppingCart to Infusionsoft (oh what a refreshing change to have one centrally located system!!!) – and when we sent an email out to her affiliates to announce the change – an affiliate responded asking why we made the change and what were the benefits.

Not too abnormal, right?

Well, the issue was that affiliate that reached out was also a client!!! But they of course did not know that we were CVA when answering on behalf of the client! We answered the best we could but thought, why didn’t our client ask their VA? We did not want to betray client confidentiality by admitting to client 2 we were also the VA for client 1. But it concerned us.

As VA’s we have boundaries and depending on the client our boundaries differ. To one client we may be their business manager and have authority to make decisions on their behalf, but to another client we may be an order-taking assistant, that is only to do as instructed. Until we really get to know our client, build a relationship and determine what our place is in the relationship, we don’t always suggest things or question clients’ actions.

Many clients come to us using a specific software or system, and we ask ourselves, why? But we don’t necessarily ask them because it is not our place (all of the time).

When picking a system if you are unsure why you are picking it, consult with your VA, they may offer some guidance or insight.

That being said – let’s real quickly discuss your email marketing system. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What features are most important to you?
  • How are you taking orders and purchases?
  • How are you tracking open rates and click through rates?
  • How are you managing your affiliate program?
  • How are you handling payment plans and up sales?
  • Are you truly segmenting your list?
  • If you are going with a lessor system to save money, are you really saving money?

The client we talk about in this blog went with 1ShoppingCart because it was the one-in-all system that supported email marketing, shopping cart and affiliate program and was cost effective. After a few months with us, she realized she was not segmenting her lists appropriately between prospects, hot prospects, customers, inactive subscribers etc. (we identified that for her) Once we put those processes into place, she realized that all of the manual labor it took to sort and segment in 1ShoppingCart was better placed into a slightly more expensive system (again we identified that for her), where it would all be done (the segmenting) in real time and automatically (Infusionsoft).

We are now 2 months into our switch – and she is literally jumping for joy. Is she spending $200 more a month now in subscription fees? Yes… BUT she has now seen:

  • Larger volume of product sales
  • More affiliate participation
  • 12% higher open rates
  • + a dozen other factors

Does this mean jump the boat to Infusionsoft? NO! What it means is – talk to your Virtual Assistant and Client Advocate, it may be that the system(s) you are using are not the best systems for your business or your goals.

I will write more in a few days on tips and tricks for list segmenting and why it is important.

Posted on September 6th, 2011 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager


Kathy Sacks says:

Rachel, You rock! Glad to read about your positive experience in transitioning your client over to Infusionsoft. It’s reading about experiences like yours that keeps us motivated and charged up everyday to continue to help thousands more businesses realize the power of sales and marketing automation. It’s absolutely why we continue to do the work making software that helps small businesses save time and get more customers.

Let us know how it’s going and keep us posted on further progress of this and other clients you have who use Infusionsoft.

-Kathy Sacks
VP Communications, Infusionsoft

Posted: September 13, 2011 @ 12:59 am
Patrice Kelly, Compliance Coordinator says:

Dear Kathy,

Thank you so much for your comments on our blog. It’s gratifying to know industry professionals like you are reading our posts!

Best Regards,

Patrice Kelly

Posted: September 14, 2011 @ 1:15 pm

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