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Featured Weekend Reading (09/09/2011)

WTC Tribute in Light

Woo Hoo its that time again. Thats right its Friday! Although this has been a short work week we have all been busy working away. Now its time to relax and unwind… lets get this weekend started.

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Software and Online Tools We Like

Harmonious- Madhav

Working virtually is possible because of all the fabulous programs and tools that allow us to communicate, corroborate and interact with our clients and their business needs. Our close knit team is always eager to share a new discovery of a great online tool that makes everyone’s life more efficient, organized and productive.

Many of our clients have expansive mailing lists and like to send out annual, monthly or even weekly newsletters. Not only do we put together the content for them, we utilize programs such as MailChimp, AWeber, and 1ShoppingCart to keep their mailing lists organized and are able to give our client an update on their readers with a click of a button.

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Infusionsoft, 1ShoppingCart, Mailchimp, Are you making the right decision for your business?

Photo credit: Devoted Domains

The other day when helping a client transition from 1ShoppingCart to Infusionsoft (oh what a refreshing change to have one centrally located system!!!) – and when we sent an email out to her affiliates to announce the change – an affiliate responded asking why we made the change and what were the benefits.

Not too abnormal, right?

Well, the issue was that affiliate that reached out was also a client!!! But they of course did not know that we were CVA when answering on behalf of the client! We answered the best we could but thought, why didn’t our client ask their VA? We did not want to betray client confidentiality by admitting to client 2 we were also the VA for client 1. But it concerned us.

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Featured Weekend Reading (09/02/2011)

Wooo hooo its finally Friday! That’s right folks its finally here. Not only is it Friday but its Labor Day weekend and the last official summer holiday of the year. So lets get this weekend started and do it up right. Get off that computer and get out and enjoy your weekend!

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The Ultimate WordPress Experience

The Ultimate WordPress Experience

At BlogWorld 2011 (Manhattan) I had the chance to attend “The Ultimate WordPress Experience with Mitch Canter”. Mitch is a WordPress designer, developer, and contributor. He also has his own design company,

Mitch Canter
Mitch began by sharing a brief history of WordPress:

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