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Working virtually is possible because of all the fabulous programs and tools that allow us to communicate, corroborate and interact with our clients and their business needs. Our close knit team is always eager to share a new discovery of a great online tool that makes everyone’s life more efficient, organized and productive.

Many of our clients have expansive mailing lists and like to send out annual, monthly or even weekly newsletters. Not only do we put together the content for them, we utilize programs such as MailChimp, AWeber, and 1ShoppingCart to keep their mailing lists organized and are able to give our client an update on their readers with a click of a button.

Another type of online service we frequently use is Dropbox. Dropbox is an online file sharing program that allows a VA to easily and securely handle documents for clients as if we were working at side by side desks. The “side by side” capability is something we look for in any online program or tool we use. It brings the element of shared office space to life.

Many of our clients like to utilize online Project Management systems such as Evernote, Basecamp and Toodledo as another way to communicate with their VA and to outline the tasks at hand to be completed and tended to. It’s a great way to have readily available records of progress made and intended plans as we help businesses grow and move forward.

The one tool that I don’t think any VA would be without is Skype. At any given time various team members are working together on something and using the screen share feature to, again, bring in the “side by side” element. It’s a great way for VA’s to interact with their clients in real time with the documents or tasks right in front of both parties to review and work on together. No more sending things back and forth between email and having stuttering brain storming sessions as each waits for the other to respond. A brain storming session just seems to lose some of its oomph when the collective minds aren’t engaged at the same time.

Working virtually doesn’t have to mean out of touch. With the online capabilities available, virtual is just a descriptive that translates to effective, productive, accurate and efficient.


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Posted on September 6th, 2011 by Laura Dennis, Virtual Assistant

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