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3 Simple Steps to Keeping Your Clients Happy

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I’m a virtual assistant with multiple clients, but I strive every single day to make sure that each and every one of them feels as if they are my only client. I do this by following these 3 Simple Steps:

  1. Anticipate your client’s every need.
  2. Take note of the end goal…the big picture.
  3. Execute. Follow through and make it happen before your client even thinks to ask.


I recently received this compliment:

“Just wanted to send a separate note as we end this month to say I have been thrilled with the responsiveness, the initiative, the speed and timeliness with which our work got done last month! Boy did we motor! A lot got done – and it was down to you.” -Management & Team Training Coach, United Kingdom.”

This past month I was able to keep my client’s business concerns running smoothly, even though her family and related issues occupied most of her time behind the scenes. These issues could have easily made her business suffer. As her VA, however, it was my job to make her feel secure and confident that her business wouldn’t suffer. I took it upon myself to handle things that she would normally do because I knew she didn’t have the time.

For example, the client had accidentally erased an entire page in WordPress trying to make a simple change. I got the “SOS” email, reloaded the page and contacted the client with the fix in a matter of 15 minutes. I was able to do this because I keep a copy of all pages and changes in a folder on my computer!

Prior to a workshop, the client had set up a 1Shoppingcart Product for client/attendees to make purchases, but failed to include the correct button on the page. Minutes before the workshop, I was notified and made the necessary changes to the button and the page and reassured the client it was clear to go forward.

This client began a new campaign in October. I took the initiative to make the necessary arrangements in 1Shoppingcart and WordPress, based on the last campaign. By the time they asked for a specific setup, I had already completed it! This built a strong feeling of readiness and support for my client!

It is things like this that make clients feel like number one and that no matter what, the task at hand will be handled in a timely manner. I was one step ahead of this client’s every move this past month. At any point where there was a concern or question, it was handled immediately and client’s mind was put at ease.

The bottom line is: When you take the time to treat your clients in the exact same manner as you would like to be treated, the results are stellar and the client is on “Cloud 9”

photo credit: nist6ss

Posted on October 11th, 2011 by Client Advocate Team

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