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The VA’s Secret Weapon in Creating Dazzling Web Video

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There are few things that can help set a business apart online than vibrant, fresh and appealing video content. There are a number of ways that one can go about developing your video library, from utilizing a local production company for principal work and putting your Virtual Assistant in charge of online distribution, but for anyone who is familiar with late-night local cable TV television advertisements, you know the production quality can sometimes leave much to be desired. You can provide source material and direction to your VA, and come away with a high quality, well edited professional production suitable for a wide audience and an order of magnitude better than a great deal of the competition. In addition to our standard array of powerful editing and motion graphics suties and years of professional experience, we have discovered an excellent tool which will allow for certain high-quality video media productions with a relatively rapid production workflow with top-shelf production value. This tool, is Animoto.

In development since 2005, and launched in 2007, Animoto has garnered critical acclaim and numerous awards for their groundbreaking web-based video production application. Utilizing a technology termed Cinematic A.I., Animoto analyzes photographic, video and music media and churns out elegant productions for distribution via the web, social networks and other means. Given that music is such an important part of professionally produced cinematic sequences such as those in movies and television, Animoto’s Cinematic A.I. bases the pace and style of edits that it chooses from the musical elements that it detects, such as rhythm and song structure. Your VA can, when provided with a few high quality photos, videos and licensed music, bring the best bang for your buck away from your Animoto account. Here’s how:

1. Sign up for an account with Animoto, plans start at $0 for short, basic productions and range to packages featuring full-length, high definition quality output taking advantage of Animoto’s expansive music library.

2. Gather some good quality source material. There are some guides for getting good quality photos and videos online but it all boils down to a few key points, good lighting and exposure, proper composition and for videos featuring sound, good audio. A local photographer or videographer may be a good resource for getting high quality media, but be sure they’re aware that you intend to farm out your editing and will be distributing the media online.

3. Provide your account details and the source material you have gathered to your VA, along with some hints on the look and feel you’re going for, if you have selected a musical score, indicate or provide the song choice (if you are providing the music, please be sure you have adequate rights to use the songs–when distributing media online, various video sharing and hosting sites frown upon copyright infringement and may unceremoniously take your video down).

4. Finally, sit back and relax! Let your VA handle the nuances of the production. Assuming the project fits within the capabilities and scope of what Animoto can provide, we will be providing you a high quality distributable video sure to draw in potential clients and reinforce your company image as a modern, high-grade, with-it business partner worthy of a place in many budgets.

Please visit Animoto’s website and see what this amazing tool has to offer. There are a number of plans and many sample videos to demonstrate the full capabilities offered by this award winning web application. Of course, feel free to consult with your VA regarding ways you can promote your business and provide content to your clients in all media, including web distributable video, whether Animoto is right for your application or not, Contemporary Virtual Assistance is here to make it happen for you!

photo credit: Google Code

Posted on October 4th, 2011 by Team CVA

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