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Getting Creative with Editing

Duplicate Original

In the constantly busy and exciting world of a coach and consultant,  it seems like every time you finish one big project there’s another one right behind it just as big –– if not bigger. Many times in any field of work, there are certain tasks you face every day that tend to become tedious over time. Sometimes it’s these same tasks that can start to make work seem mundane and unimpressive, even if you’re normally content with your work. The Virtual Assistants here at CVA are equipped to handle any size task that comes our way, help you improve your business, and keep your sanity!

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Featured Weekend Reading (11/25/2011)

PPG Place Christmas Tree & Ice Rink Crowd

It’s that time again! That’s right folks its Friday. It has been a busy week with Thanksgiving festivities I love all the good food and company of family on Thanksgiving but I sure am glad it only comes around once a year.  I don’t know about the rest of you but I am stuffed and ready to relax. So put those feet up, sit back and relax and let’s get this weekend started.

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VA Juggling Act: Keep the Clients and the Work Separate, But Keep Them Moving

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Most jobs require you deal with people – even if you happen to work from home – and most all of them happen to have tips on how to keep your work and the people you are dealing with separate. As a Virtual Assistant, you are likely to deal with several different people in several different methods of communication every day. It can be difficult, so here are a few vital tips for keeping the client and the work separate.

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Featured Weekend Reading (11/18/2011)


Woo Hoo it’s finally here! That’s right folks it’s finally Friday. It’s been a busy week for us all and now it’s time to relax and enjoy the weekend. Next week is also Thanksgiving so we want to welcome everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving. So what are you waiting for let’s get this weekend started!

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Four Business Lessons to Learn from Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s the time of year that we put aside our diet and our family squabbles and we get together to eat more turkey and drink more wine than we should. Here are four business lessons that Thanksgiving reminds us of:

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More reasons you should have your VA proofread everything.

More reasons you should have your VA proofread everything.

And I mean everything.

Even the most professional editor makes typos. Some words sound the same. Sometimes there are two words that are spelled almost exactly the same and letters get transposed, giving a sentence a completely different meaning than intended. You may find if you proofread your own writing, you miss a lot of small mistakes. This is common because you know what you meant to write and you may not notice these errors. Spellcheck doesn’t always help – you may have typed a word that is a real word, just not the word you were thinking of. Have your VA proofread all of your documents. With a fresh set of eyes she can catch the typos and leave you with a perfect final product.

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