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VA Juggling Act: Keep the Clients and the Work Separate, But Keep Them Moving

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Most jobs require you deal with people – even if you happen to work from home – and most all of them happen to have tips on how to keep your work and the people you are dealing with separate. As a Virtual Assistant, you are likely to deal with several different people in several different methods of communication every day. It can be difficult, so here are a few vital tips for keeping the client and the work separate.

Consider the role of a retail cashier or customer service rep. One argument or frustrating experience with a single customer simply cannot be allowed to ruin their entire day and taint the way they do their job the rest of the day. At least, not if they want to keep the job for very long!

The concept is much the same for a VA, and in fact it may be even more important to keep the clients and the work separate, since these are people you are going to have to talk to again tomorrow! Here are four simple tips to keeping the clients and the work separate.

Stay Organized

Develop a system in which to keep track of client notes and “To dos.” Because a VA works virtually, the most common programs for tracking “to do” lists are online calendars and to do programs such as Toodledo. Use these to keep track of all of your tasks and stay on top of the day.

Take Notes

As you talk on the phone or exchange emails with your clients, take notes on important elements such as tasks they ask you to do, personal information you may need (such as account passwords), and preferences they may have. It is good to follow every phone or Skype call up with an email stating what was discussed, any follow up questions you have, and what actions you will be taking to accomplish any tasks or goals discussed.

A popular program for organizing all of these notes is Evernote. It’s free, easy to use, and connects to the cloud – so you can access it from any computer. Consider creating an Evernote account and creating a new notebook for each individual client.

Watch Social Media Activity

Many VAs have a strict policy about not befriending their clients via social media, while others consider just a friendly necessity for business rapport. At the very least, you should consider creating a separate page or profile which is strictly for business. No matter how close you are to your client(s), you do not want them reading social updates about your wild youth or complaints about your job!

Avoid Favoritism

It is human nature to pick a favorite – favorite color, song, movie, and even friend. This means it may be impossible for you to refrain from having a favorite client. This is fine, but it is very important that you do NOT allow this to interfere with the work you do for other clients. Your quality and effort should be consistent across the board for all clients.

Even if you don’t particularly love a certain client or simply find the particular tasks unfavorable, you need to uphold the same level of professionalism in completing the work. All of your clients should feel important, and none of them should have to fight to get their tasks done!

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Posted on November 21st, 2011 by Team CVA

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