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Passive Income Part 2 – Ways your VA can manage that passive income division of your business

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Last week we discussed what passive income is: the idea of creating a revenue stream based on work you do once, then earn money on that income for years afterward. We also discussed what some of those passive income streams are such as affiliate programs and distributed content.

So now that we know what passive income is, how can a VA help you create it? Here are some of the ways:

Affiliate Program Management

Your VA can act as your Affiliate Manager, handling most aspects such as signing you up for programs, collecting your affiliate links, drafting newsletters and social media with your links inserted, or simply adding those links into your newsletters when you write them. VA’s can also create a webpage with the affiliate products you wish to sell for others.

If you create content yourself, such as e-books, reports, or other content for purchase, your VA can help you develop your own affiliate program. VA’s can create a website for prospective affiliates to: sign up for your program, get information on your products, and provide promotional ideas for your affiliates to use with their lists of friends or on their website. VA’s can also handle email correspondence from your affiliates who have questions on how to help build your business. Your VA can also track and pay out commissions for you, as well as make sure you receive your commissions from the people for whom you are an affiliate.

Distributed Content

If you create your own content for sale on your site, there is much more to do than simply write the book or report. Your work may need to be proofread, processed into a marketable file format, uploaded to your shopping cart, and advertised on your website. All of these steps are necessary for you to sell the product, but it is not necessary for your to do them yourself!

Once your content is out there you will invariably run into questions from clients and customers, occasional issues with product delivery, etc. This is simply the nature of selling goods and services. These kinds of issues take time to handle, which takes away from you doing what you love, working with your clients and building your business. By handing these tasks off to a VA you can move on to creating other content, or helping clients, or simply playing golf!

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Posted on December 19th, 2011 by Russell Bonchu, Virtual Assistant

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