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Featured Weekend Reading (01/27/2012)

Soon, Spruce. Soon.

Woohoo its’ that time again! That’s right folks it’s finally Friday. The long awaited day is here! It is the last Friday in January and we have all been busy with end of the month tasks but the weekend is here and its time to relax. Put those laptops down , stop checking email, get on your feet. It’s time to get this weekend started.

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Featured Weekend Reading (01/20/2012)


It is that time again! Our most loved day of the week is finally here! Can you believe that January is almost over?  This year is already flying by. It has been a long but productive week for all of us here at CVA but now it’s time to relax and rewind for the week ahead. So what are you waiting for? Lets get this weekend started!

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Featured Weekend Reading (01/13/2012)

winter scene


The long awaited day is finally here! That’s right folks it’s finally Friday! We all now have 2012 into full swing and we have all been working hard, so it’s time to relax and rewind and enjoy our weekend. So without further hesitation…..Let’s get this weekend started!

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Having a Team vs. Having One VA

Wooden Eggs
When it comes to hiring a virtual assistant, the one thing that everyone wants is a person that they know they can trust with any and all of their sensitive information as well as someone they can rely on to get the job done. While this can be achieved through hiring just one virtual assistant, many people don’t know that this can also be achieved through having a team of virtual assistants as well.

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Featured Weekend Reading (01/06/2012)

Wellington Pit Wheel

Well it’s that time again folks try and contain the excitement! That’s right it’s finally Friday and the first one of 2012. It’s back to business as usual and a busy week but now the weekend is here. So put those feet up, turn the phones off and let’s get this bad boy started.

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Extra! Extra! Read All About It!! Creating An Online Press Kit To Stop The Presses


No matter the size of your company, a Press Kit is a powerful tool for drawing some attention to your business and services.  And with the power of the internet, the advantages of a Press Kit are more economical and more effective than ever!

A good Press Kit is a vehicle to provide your information to the public and make it easy for the media to feature or write about your business.  The more complete your Press Kit is, the bigger impression it makes on the public, which translates to a bigger impact on your business! Remember, a Press Kit is not necessarily “pitching” anything particular, although it can. Its main purpose is to serve as promotional material in a handy package.

Our clients at CVA have seen firsthand the power of a well-organized Press Kit. We can do the same for you!

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