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Extra! Extra! Read All About It!! Creating An Online Press Kit To Stop The Presses


No matter the size of your company, a Press Kit is a powerful tool for drawing some attention to your business and services.  And with the power of the internet, the advantages of a Press Kit are more economical and more effective than ever!

A good Press Kit is a vehicle to provide your information to the public and make it easy for the media to feature or write about your business.  The more complete your Press Kit is, the bigger impression it makes on the public, which translates to a bigger impact on your business! Remember, a Press Kit is not necessarily “pitching” anything particular, although it can. Its main purpose is to serve as promotional material in a handy package.

Our clients at CVA have seen firsthand the power of a well-organized Press Kit. We can do the same for you!

What makes a complete Press Kit? I’m so glad you asked.  Let’s take a look:
There are subtle differences between an online Press Kit and a traditional Press Kit.  We’ll cover both.

Articles: You’ll want to include any recent news write-ups (press releases) that feature your business and a few pieces of past news.

  • For a traditional Press Kit, all documents should be on quality paper with quality color images. Don’t use standard all-purpose copy paper.  Presentation is everything.  Be sure your logo, branding or company letterhead is on each page and the pages are numbered.

Contact: Include the information needed to contact you or your business. Be accessible to your public.

  • Telephone and Fax numbers
  • Mailing Address
  • E Mail Address
  • Website
  • Twitter, Linked In and any other means via Social Media.

Bio (s): The purpose of the Press Kit is to allow the public to get to know you and your business. A complete, informational bio is part of the beginning of a strong foundation for developing a lasting relationship between you and your clients. Include both a long and a short bio and/or an “About” page, and don’t forget a nice professional headshot.

Testimonials: Word of mouth is as powerful as it was back when Barnum started “Selling” The Greatest Show on Earth.  Get some feedback from satisfied clients and share it with others.

Photographs: Include some pictures of your Logo or Branding, product, storefront (if a brick and mortar business), recent events or even some action shots of you “doing your thing.”  Remember get permission from any clients that may be in the photograph with you.

An online Press Kit should have its’ own special permanent place on your website.  Make it easy to find and use.  Group articles together and provide active links.  Provide images that can easily be uploaded or a html code to be used. A testimonial section can link back to your testimonial page within your site.  Your “About” and Bio can also link to their respective pages on your website.

Another nice touch to a Press Kit is some sample interview questions and answers.  It’s another way to let the public get to know you and your business.  If you have a newsletter, add a link to your most recent edition; also include a brochure, if you have one.

For a traditional hard copy Press Release, organize all the contents in a logical order.   Put a top page identifying the contents inside.  If you have some small promotional item such as a magnet, a pen with your logo, even a small pocket calendar, include it in the Press Kit folder.  Trinkets such as these tend to remain visible even if your Press Kit folder is buried somewhere on the recipients desk.  Be sure your Folder has something on the cover to identify your business; whether it be a printed logo, a window to show your logo from the front page of the kit or a business card paper clipped to the corner.

How is your Press Kit coming along?  Feel free to contact us at Contemporary Virtual Assistants and we can put one together that’s sure to get everyone to “Read All About It!!”


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Posted on January 2nd, 2012 by Laura Dennis, Virtual Assistant

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