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I recently had a client request that we help do some research for a blog she wanted to draft.  The topic was tips and ideas for starting your first blog.  I knew right away that in order to ensure her blog was content rich, I would need to focus on both quantity and quality.

In order to do this, I brainstormed the best search terms to use and turned to my trusty friend and ally – Google.  I used search terms like “blogging best practices” and “starting a new blog” to find articles and blogs on similar topics.  I then made a list of any good tips and ideas I found for someone who is looking to start their first blog.

As instructed, I spent an hour combing the Internet compiling a strong list of ideas and concepts that pertained to the topic of her blog.  Of course, I made sure to note the website or resource that I pulled each piece of research from so the client was able to refer to it if necessary.  It was my goal to not only meet the clients expectations, but also to exceed them.

When the client received the research I had compiled for her, she was more than pleased with the results.  Not only did she express that the research had exceeded her expectations, but she asked me to continue on and spend another hour gathering more of the same quality research.  That is what we strive for at CVA, a happy repeat client.

Just as it is the goal of our clients to ensure their consumers can expect to see quality material consistently posted on their blog and social media outlets, we strive to provide our clients with a consistent level of quality work as well.  Our success comes from helping our clients find success in their business. So, it’s my personal goal to surpass the client’s expectations each and every time.

Here are some tips for doing research using Google:

  • If you’d like to search for a specific phrase, put quotation marks at the beginning and end of your quote in the search bar.
  • Google has a handy spell checker.  If you happen to type a word incorrectly into the search bar, Google will actually auto-correct the spelling and search for the correctly spelled word.
  • Always remember to make note of the search terms you used and the website where you gathered the information.

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Posted on March 5th, 2012 by Client Advocate Team

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Bruce Sallan (@BruceSallan) says:

I love having a VA as I do now, but I also love doing my own research as a writer. Sometimes the discovery is worth the journey!

Posted: March 6, 2012 @ 12:21 am

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