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How to Keep your Clients Happy in 3 Easy Steps

The day had finally arrived; I was ready to move forward and start taking assignments from my very own client.  Before this day, CVA mentors spent many months preparing me for this moment. I was ready to become a Dedicated Virtual Assistant!

I wanted to make a difference in my client’s life,  but before I could really understand what they wanted I needed to understand what they were all about. What type of business did this client have?  What kind of product/service did they produce or provide?  Where were they located?  Who was the principal?  I needed to know everything I could possibly find out about them before I spoke to my client for the first time. I wanted to be prepared so I could be ready to understand my clients needs and wants.

Our first meeting was short and sweet, we communicated via email and introduced ourselves. I learned a lot about their business and what they expected from me. Before our actual phone meeting I prepared a list of questions that would help me understand what they wanted. After our first meeting, I took this information and created what I call, “The Road Map to Happiness.” Seeing this information in a clean and concise format helps the client and the VA put things in perspective.  Additionally, it also helps to keep track of assignments and deadlines, work completed, in progress or pending. We were heading off to a good start.

But how do I keep my client happy all the time? I found out that applying the following three elements to my daily routine helps a lot!

Communication is the first and most important of the three elements. Keep it open and flowing, especially when there are immediate tasks to be done. I ask lots of questions, if I’m not sure about something. It’s better to ask than to do something incorrect. The first few months are the most difficult, but after a while I begin to know how the client likes things done, their likes and dislikes and what they expect from me. At this point, my communication becomes much more proactive. Keeping the client informed all times, responding to emails and messages in a timely fashion is first on my list.

The second most important step is to deliver work in the expected time frame and do it well. I accomplished this by doing exactly what I was asked to do and checking the work twice before delivering.

The third element is respect, being courteous, always on time, attentive and appreciative.

Keeping my clients happy and seeing them succeed makes me feel proud and good. How do you know when your hard work pays off?  You’ll know when they refer your services to their best friend or they tell you that you are very important to their business and their success. That’s the best part!

Posted on May 28th, 2012 by Client Advocate Team

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