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Featured Weekend Reading (05/04/2012)

Lovely Pool

TGIF! One word says it all! That’s right folks its finally Friday again. IT has been a busy week here at CVA and we are all ready to relax and unwind. Can you believe it is already May? This year is just flying by. They say time flies when you are having fun so with further adue lets get this weekend started!

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Small Steps Towards Healthy Client Communication

Virtual Assistant

Let’s face it, client-assistant relationships are not always the easiest to maintain. This holds especially true when factoring in the remote, digital nature of the work we VAs perform for our clients. Text on a computer screen is unable to convey inflection and intonation within our messages, and maintaining continuous, clear communications is no mean feat. It’s not just sending off an email containing the word “done” in regards to a task. There are still many other pieces that need to fall into place.

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