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Pinterest: Pin It With Interest

Pin It: Amália Rodrigues

Have you heard what all this Pinning buzz is about? If you haven’t,  jump on this train and take a tour with me around the booming new social media platform, Pinterest. Pinterest has quickly become one of the top social media platforms, right behind Facebook and Twitter. You can take just about any image you find on the web and “pin” it to a pin board just like you would do with photos at home. Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “What can this do for me and my business?” Well, let me show you then you get together with your VA and get started pinning!

Showing Your Website (Brand) & Your Products

Chances are your website has several photos of you and your products, why not show them off a little? You can create a pin board, pin your photos to that board, and have them link back to your website. Talk about redirecting traffic. This will get all the people who engage with your Pinterest account also engaging on  your website.

Helping Out an Affiliate

Your affiliates help make your world go round. Create a pin board specifically for them showing off their products with your affiliate links on them. This is a win-win here (they make money and so do you). This will also open up communication with them: Email your affiliate partners once a month to find out what promotions or specials they have going on. This gets you in on it, making those dollars, and also helps them advertise.

Self Promotion

Everyone wants to know a little more about you. Create pin boards that share a little about you with your audience. Have a must read board, favorite movies board, or even a board of picture you find beautiful. Make sure to make this work for you though. Have these images link back to your blog or even just your home page.

Tips & Tricks

  • Have at least 6 boards, but no more than 15. This allows for a good flow of images, but not too many as to overwhelm your fellow pinners.
  • Use your other social media outlets i.e. Facebook and Twitter to show off your pins. You can hook your Facebook and Twitter up to your Pinterest account and have each pin be displayed on your Facebook and Twitter wall.
  • Add contributors to your pins. This is the same as tagging people in a photo or post on Facebook.
  • When looking for boards and/or people to follow DO NOT follow all of their boards. Take time to see what appeals to you and your audience and only follow those boards. This will cut out a lot of jumble on your home page and you can easily pick through images you want to “Re Pin”
  • Every day, or every other day, go through your friends and followers and “Like” then “Re Pin” at least 5 images that they posted.  This helps you stay connected with your fellow pinners but remember to keep these images to your taste as well. Your followers can see what you like and repin.
  • Use mentions in your pins (exactly like Twitter with @THEIRNAME) when applicable.

If you haven’t already started your Pinterest account prior to reading this, get started with your VA on it now. Since Pinterest in an invite only platform you’ll need your Virtual Assistant to send you a friend request to get pinning. Pinterest is not only a great social media to but you can have a blast pinning too. Happy pinning!

 photo credit: Sofy Marquez

Posted on May 7th, 2012 by Team CVA

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