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Featured Weekend Reading (06/29/2012)

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Woo hoo can you believe it? Friday is finally here! Not only is it Friday but next week is my favorite holiday… The 4th of July! It has been a busy week here at CVA and its also the end of the month. We are all in need of some rest and relaxation! So what are you waiting for? Lets get this weekend started.

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10 Tips to a Successful Teleseminar or Webinar Pt. 2

Obama Webinar

Last time, we spoke about the first five tips you need to conduct a successful webinar/teleseminar. Today we will talk about the last five tips for you to successfully ROCK your first (or next) teleseminar/webinar. To recap, you need to commit to conduct a webinar, decide how you want to conduct it, know who your target audience is, know the subject of the webinar, know the goal of the webinar, and promote it. So, let’s get rocking and pick up exactly where we left off with Tip Number Six!

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Featured Weekend Reading (06/22/2012)

The National Monument - Constitution Gardens

Drumroll please…. Its Friday people! That’s right our favorite day is finally here. Its been a busy week and its time to relax. Summer is officially here so lets get this weekend started in style. Grab your favorite refreshing beverage and head to the lake or by the pool.

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What to Expect From Your Client Advocate

Here at Contemporary VA, we pride ourselves on offering our clients more than just a Virtual Assistant to help with task assignments. Clients get a Client Advocate along with their Virtual Assistant and we work together as a team to bring the best CVA has to offer to each and every client we serve. As a Client Advocate with CVA, I’m thrilled to share what you, as a client should expect from the team you receive when you come on board.

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Featured Weekend Reading (06/15/2012)


Can you believe that another week has came to an end and that the weekend is upon us? We have all worked hard this week and its time to wind down! So what are you waiting for get your butt up outta that chair and lets get our weekend on!

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7 Business Tools for 7 Days a Week


Being a Virtual Assistant has introduced me to a great number of programs and applications I never even knew existed.  And let me tell you, I totally wonder how I managed to function before being introduced to by team members or discovering  some of them!  I don’t normally consider myself an “uber-geek” but sometimes I come across something that just makes that part of me dance with glee.

Today I’m going to share a week’s worth of some of my favorite and most used business tools.  Yep, a different one to check out each day, for a solid seven days.  Isn’t life grand?

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