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10 Tips to a Successful Teleseminar or Webinar Pt. 2

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Last time, we spoke about the first five tips you need to conduct a successful webinar/teleseminar. Today we will talk about the last five tips for you to successfully ROCK your first (or next) teleseminar/webinar. To recap, you need to commit to conduct a webinar, decide how you want to conduct it, know who your target audience is, know the subject of the webinar, know the goal of the webinar, and promote it. So, let’s get rocking and pick up exactly where we left off with Tip Number Six!

Item 6: Recruit a support team if needed

Just like every person, every webinar is different. If you are holding a prerecorded webinar/teleseminar event then you probably won’t need extra help, but if you are holding a live event you might want to consider having a support team. The support team can help you facilitate the webinar and answer questions that come in from participants. A support team will take some of the pressure off of you, so that way you can concentrate on presenting and not the mechanics i.e., hitting this button at this time, etc.

Item 7: Play with the software you will be using to conduct the webinar

With or without a support team,  if you are new to the software you’re using you should take some time and become familiar with it,––its features and how it works before your webinar. Play around with the software by holding mock webinars/teleseminars or just simply reading the how to’s and and identifying buttons, options, and their function.

Item 8: Do a run through of the teleseminar

A few days before the webinar do a dry run. Have family, a friend, or assistant be the audience.

Item 9: Promote, promote, PROMOTE!

Keep promoting up until the hour. This will hopefully catch procrastinators and late comers. The more the merrier :).

Item 10: Take a Deep Breath and Congratulate yourself on pulling off a SUCCESSFUL webinar/teleseminar 

As VAs, we often handle many challenges for our clients. If there was any one thing I  could tell a client, and never stress enough, would be to start in PLENTY of time. A webinar/teleseminar is not something one should put together at the last minute. And because everybody’s definition of plenty of time and last minute can be different let me be clear. By PLENTY of time I mean start planning at least two months out and start promoting at least one month out,  two weeks or less to plan, promote, and conduct a webinar/teleseminar  will not, more than likely, produce a successful webinar/teleseminar. (I say more than likely because miracles do happen. :-))

Now go ROCK your webinar/teleseminar!!!

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Posted on June 25th, 2012 by Ursula Burden, Virtual Assistant

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Toby Kanae says:

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