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10 Tips to a Successful Teleseminar or Webinar Pt. 1

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A webinar/teleseminar is simply a meeting, workshop, seminar and/or presentation conducted over the web. A webinar is a GREAT way to get information to your target audience, or even sell or introduce a product to them. Some webinars are pre-recorded and some are conducted live. So you want to hold a webinar, but don’t know where to start? As virtual assistants we have many clients that hold webinars and this is how we make them ALL successful.

Now the first question is what do you need to do to make sure your webinar or teleseminar is not only 100% –– but 110% successful? To conduct a 110% successful webinar you need to do what Santa does, make a list and check it twice. For the sake of time you can just use my checklist of tips, but still, check it twice. Now let’s produce that successful webinar!

Item 1: Decide to conduct a webinar/teleseminar and what the subject will be

First, you need to make the commitment to conduct a webinar/teleseminar. It takes more than an hour to produce a 1-hour webinar/teleseminar, so commitment is key to success. Once you’ve made that decision you need to decide what is the purpose of the webinar/teleseminar. Will you be teaching, or will you be introducing and selling a product?

Item 2: Research and pick a webinar/teleseminar software/program that suits your needs

There are many options when it comes to choosing software to conduct a webinar/teleseminar. What differentiates them are the pricing structures, the product features and your needs. When it comes to picking your software, you have to evaluate your needs. Do you need audio only, or do you need both audio and video? Do you want to pre-record/record your webinar/teleseminar? Or, do you want to do it live? Are you looking for free software? Be sure to compare the features of the programs and pick the one that best suits your situation. A few examples of the platforms out there are:

Instant Teleseminar
Free Conferencing
Any Meeting
EverGreen Business Systems

Item 3: Create your webinar/teleseminar

Whether you are selling or teaching you have to have something to present to your audience. So prepare your presentation, including what you’re going to talk about and PowerPoint slides, if applicable. A VA can also help create and develop your presentation and your support materials.

Item 4: Know your target audience and goal

When developing your webinar you need to know your target audience based on your niche, and what you want your audience to know and/or buy from you. Also, have a goal in mind of what you want the webinar to accomplish. Do you want them to simply absorb information, or do you want them to take action of some kind?

Item 5: Promote your teleseminar/webinar

To hold a successful webinar you need to have an audience. Invite your target audience to the event. The promo message should include the topic, when the webinar will take place, and the access details (links, etc.). Give yourself plenty of lead time, you need to send the invitation out in well in advance to raise awareness. You should begin to promote at least a month before the webinar is scheduled to give time for the word to spread and participants to sign up.

There’s a lot that goes into putting a webinar/teleseminar together, especially if this is your first time. These first five tips will help you prepare and get started. Keep a look out for Part 2 of this blog to help you finish rocking out your webinar!

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Posted on June 4th, 2012 by Ursula Burden, Virtual Assistant


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