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What to Expect From Your Client Advocate

Here at Contemporary VA, we pride ourselves on offering our clients more than just a Virtual Assistant to help with task assignments. Clients get a Client Advocate along with their Virtual Assistant and we work together as a team to bring the best CVA has to offer to each and every client we serve. As a Client Advocate with CVA, I’m thrilled to share what you, as a client should expect from the team you receive when you come on board.

Being a Client Advocate, I work and advocate for my clients, hence the name. There are also a host of other hats that I wear, to give my clients the best service and attention possible. These can include customer service, troubleshooting, communications facilitation and project management. The Virtual Assistant is there to perform task assignments in an effective manner, while I am there to offer the VA assistance in communication and correspondence along the way.  Together we work towards an end goal of making our clients happy and fully meeting their needs. Although, sometimes, I find clients aren’t always aware of just what those needs are.

This is where the Client Advocate (CA) and Virtual Assistant (VA) team really shines. We work fluidly with each other to review the tasks that have been completed and brainstorm how else we can lift the client’s burden and allow CVA to help with the tasks that are the core and crucial to their business. This process, of course, varies from client to client and is based on the scope and direction of their business.

When we talk with our clients, we often hear them express needs they are not even aware they have. Recently during a call with a client discussing their online presence, I noticed they had not really delved into social media. As we all know in today’s technology age, social media is a huge part of a marketing plan.  I went to the VA and asked if there were any tasks pertaining to Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media aspects. Together, we worked out a social media plan that the VA can perform, one that will boost the clients’ online presence, increase traffic to the company website and create more success for the client.

This type of collaboration is what you should expect from your CA/VA team. The two of us are here to support you and your business, lead you towards success and, ultimately, help build the business you desire. Communication and collaboration is the definition of the CA/VA relationship and the concept behind bringing you not only a Virtual Assistant –– but a team to work for you!

photo credit: Victor1558

Posted on June 18th, 2012 by Client Advocate Team

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