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Featured Weekend Reading (07/06/2012)


Woo hoo Friday is finally here! We had a busy but short week here at CVA because of the 4th of July holidays and I don’t know about the rest of you but to me it was just a teaser being in the middle of the week. But hey we will take what we can get! Now its time to rest and relax and get your weekend on, so what are you waiting for lets get our weekend on!

Whether you are trying to beat the heat, still catching up with friends and family gatherings, or trying to paint up the town, we hope you will take time out to check out the great posts we have chosen for you this week. Here are just a few:

  • Build Business  Momentum-We have all been there, you are working along and accomplishing a lot and then bam life happens and you lose your mojo. So how do you get it back? A great tool to have is to be able to use your momentum to help achieve your business goals. Be sure to check out Jennifer’s blog to learn some great steps to harness your momentum and get your mojo back.
  • Mom Bloggers vs. Dad Bloggers- Its no big secret that there are differences between women and men,  men think they are better at some things and women think they are better at others. But who is the better blogger? Well that all depends on who you ask. Be sure to check out Bruce’s blog to learn differences between mommy and daddy bloggers.
  • The Importance of Chores-Do you give your children chores? Or do you try to do everything yourself because you can do it faster and better than your kids? Doing this often hurts your kids in the long run and just plain drains all of your energy. Be sure to check out PJ’s great podcast to learn the importance of giving your children chores.
  • Herd’s the Word-As humans we all crave a sense of connection and belonging, we crave to be part of the community around us. Through the years our survival depended on us all sticking together and which probably fueled our being scared of rejection. Be sure to check out Kate’s blog to learn why herd is the word.
  • That’s all for this week. All of us here at CVA wish you a great weekend. See you next week with more great posts. How do you beat this crazy heat ? We’d love to hear about it!  Leave us a comment in the comments section. See you next week and be sure to visit Contemporary VA’s Stumble Upon Blog for even more featured posts.


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Posted on July 6th, 2012 by Angela Anderson, Virtual Assistant

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