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2 Scoops Are Better Than 1: Go For Double Opt-in


If you are new to email marketing, the whole opt-in process can be confusing. Of course you want people to opt-in and to grow your list but often you may be getting poor quality addresses added to your list that never bother to even read what you are sending.  When it comes to opt-in methods, knowing the benefits of double versus single is key to creating an email list that works. Just like on an ice cream cone, two scoops is better than one!

Single Opt-in

This is your basic, no-frills way to get bonafide subscribers onto your email list. These are people who fill out a registration form and agree to receive your email correspondence. Anyone can sign up someone else for a single opt-in, which means you may be sending emails to people who have never heard of you. This may add subscribers to your list, but many may be unaware that they were legitimately signed up. This can lead to them crying “spam” on you to the anti-spam police, even though you did nothing wrong.

An upgraded form of the single opt-in is the confirmed opt-in. While this is a little better than the single, it still has issues. In this method, the potential subscriber fills out a registration form (or some friend or relative fills it out for them without their knowledge) then they are sent an email with a link to unsubscribe in case they did not want to be on your list. If they were not the one to sign up they are not going to recognize the email and may not even read it at all or may be hesitant to click on a link. Either way, you now have someone on your list whose most likely is not reading what you send out to him or her.

Double Opt-in

The whole idea behind the double opt-in is to make sure that when you get someone on your list, they really want to be there. Just like the single opt-in, they sign up by filling out something that says they want to be added to your list. Then they are sent an email with a link to confirm they want to be on your list. However, unlike even the “confirmed” opt-in, they are not actually added to your list until they respond to that email. This makes sure that yes, they signed up (not someone for them) and yes, they want to get your emails. Talk with your Virtual Assistant to see what your opt-in preferences are formatted to.

There are two main benefits of having true blue subscribers on your list through the double opt-in. First off is that this will increase your statistics, with larger open rates, more clicks and less bounces and unsubscribes.  Also, it can keep you from having anti-spam authorities hassling you every time someone inadvertently gets signed up for your list and reduces the chance of you getting blacklisted. Definitely two benefits, or scoops, worth having!


Posted on August 6th, 2012 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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dadblunders says:

Great comment!

Having a subscriber that actually follows you and finds what you have to offer meaningful is worth so much more than someone immediately unsubscribing and making your numbers bounce around.

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Posted: August 7, 2012 @ 2:34 am

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