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Wherever you go on the web, there are links to news, entertainment and any information you can think of for the taking. With so many of these links, or bitmarks, out there, you need a way to find, store and share them easily. Luckily, there is a free service called that helps you easily manage these bitmarks. Benefits

Whether you links are for personal use and sharing with friends or you are suing them to promote and create interest within your business blog or website, finding a way to effectively find, organize and share these tidbits of information can be overwhelming. helps you catalog these in shortened versions that can be shared and even tracked.

  • Shorten links. One of the main benefits of is using it to turn a long URL into a shortened link that is easy to store and share. This is especially useful when using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, as some links can be very long.
  • Sharing links. can be linked to your email or social media sites to make sharing easy. The links are nice to share because they do not expire and do not break in emails. You can also use to share links through “History” or share a page you are on through the info bookmarklet.
  • Searching links. Another nice feature of is that is allows you to search through the all links you have shortened through, making them easy to find later.
  • Tracking links. Probably one of the most beneficial features, allows you to track how many people actually use the link you share. This gives you not only how many times but where it was shared, whether it was a social media site or elsewhere and even the country of origin. Very useful information to have when you are using links to promote traffic or products on the web. Talk to your Virtual Assistant about using in your social media marketing to see what links draw the most interactions.
  • Custom domain links. allows you to use custom domain names for your shortened links to “brand” them. You can purchase a domain name such as “” and instead of your links coming up (link) they will come up making them uniquely branded to you.

Signing up for is easy. You can go directly to and sign up for your free account. You can then link it right from there to your Facebook or Twitter accounts. You’ll find any information you need for basic shortening, sharing and tracking right on the website to get you started or ask one of our Virtual Assistants to do it for you. Once you see how easy it is, you will wonder what you ever did without it!

 photo credit: Cubosh

Posted on August 13th, 2012 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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