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Communicating with Your List: Rules of Engagement Pt. 2

Last time we talked about knowing when and how often to communicate, and about making all communications relevant to your subscribers. Today, we’re talking about the no-no’s of communicating with your list, How NOT to Communicate…

How not to communicate: Some simple things to avoid can take your email communication a long way.  Avoid complex html within your emails, these can be distorted or completely unreadable if viewed from mobile devices, work email accounts, etc. You want to make sure everyone is able to get your great information!  Subject lines are your first impression. Keep them simple yet powerful. Do not make them “pitchy.” Give readers a reason to open!  One more important “no no” is including email attachments.  With all of the viruses out there, this can cause your email to go straight to spam or give readers a reason to be weary of opening the email all together.

Do not forget that there are laws to protect people from spamming them with unwanted emails.  Also, on a lower level your list hosting site will not hesitate to shut your sending down if you get too many complaints about your email efforts.  Do not lead people to unknowingly be added  to your list without their consent.  We all have experienced those companies that fill your inbox no matter what lengths you go to do get rid of them.  Yes, we may be thinking about them, but not in a good way.  Do not let yourself become one of those headaches!  Be respectful of your customers and potential customers, even if they do not wish to opt in. 

What to expect:  So what can you expect from your email communication efforts?  Well first let me say, aim for amazing results; prepare for a bit less.  We here at Team CVA like to use the following statistics based on years of data collected through list communication:

Twenty percent of your subscribers will open your emails. Twenty percent of your open rate will click through to links. Two percent of your click-throughs will immediately purchase, followed by 1% purchasing at a later date.

These figures may not sound very promising, but they are realistic and obtainable.  If you follow the simple guidelines above, you will have an extensive list of loyal customers for a long time to come.  Just think, a list packed with HAPPY subscribers makes a win for everyone! A CVA Virtual Assistant can help you keep you subscribers happy!

If you would like to like more information about becoming part of the CVA family and receiving more help with your list communications, please contact us by clicking here now!

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Posted on August 22nd, 2012 by Theresa Snedeker, Virtual Assistant

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