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Communicating with Your List: Rules of Engagement Pt. 1

It seems nowadays, everyone has a “list.”  If you are among the thousands of people who conduct some aspect of their business online, chances are you have a list of your own.  Having an email marketing list is an enormous asset to be a successful business in today’s fast-moving economy, but the big question is, do you know the “rules” of engagement? 

When to communicate:  Knowing when to communicate is crucial.  There is a thin line between being engaging and being spammy.  If you cross that line, it can be very difficult to bounce back.  Studies show that receiving too many emails is among the top reasons for people to unsubscribe.  How often you email, should be based on how important the content is to your subscribers.  I repeat, not you –– your subscribers.  After all, they joined because they felt you could offer them something of value, not because they wanted to be best buds.

A good rule of thumb is to email at least once a month, and no more than a couple of times a week.  If you have some exciting news like the launch of a new product, it is safe to email weekly.  On quiet months, a monthly newsletter will keep your subscribers thinking of you and not feeling like they are only sales to you.  Frequency will vary from business to business; month to month, just remember to be mindful of your subscriber’s time.

How to communicate: The biggest rule to follow is making sure to only send out QUALITY content.  As I said before, the content must be useful and of value to your subscribers.  They will always want to hear about new products or special promotions.  Giving away a free sample chapter to your new book or a free strategy call before a big coaching course is launched can be a great way to warm up your list before hitting them with your main sales emails.  Then, once they purchase a product getting those people on an auto-responder follow up sequence focused around those clients and their needs will put communication on auto pilot. The key is to have a good balance between casual yet professional and strictly business. Sticking to a simple branded email template is also important for consistency and easy readability.  Most important…know your subscribers!

Come back and join us for Part 2 and learn “How Not to Communicate.” See you then!

 photo credit: Teach Me Life

Posted on August 15th, 2012 by Theresa Snedeker, Virtual Assistant

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