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SEO Tip: Google Webmaster Tools

Search engine optimization or SEO is the buzzword of the decade for online marketing. Getting your link to your site to climb up the search engine ladder is a hot industry and no search engine has a more coveted front page than Google. Making sure your website is visible to the search engine giant can be made easier with the use of Google Webmaster Tools.

What It Does

Google Webmaster Tools was designed for webmasters to see how Google “sees” their website and to check the indexing status.  There are tools to see what key words bring up the site on to the search engine results page (SERP), if there are errors in Google indexing for the site and many other search criteria. This is an essential tool to make sure that a website’s content is viable for Googles search.  If one of our Virtual Assistants is handling your SEO, they are already doing all this and more.

How To Use It

Making sure you are in Googles index is the first step. If you have a new site, Google may not have found you yet. You can do a quick check by going to the Google search page and entering in the website address into the search bar, such as “”. If it does appear on the search, then you are not in the index and need to submit your content to speed up the process. If it used to show up but now it doesn’t, your site may not be meeting Googles Webmaster Guidelines.

  • First sign up for Google Webmaster Tools. It is free and will give you access to add your site information. The first page will ask for your URL to get you started. Google will ask you verify that you own the site.
  • Submit your Sitemap. You can manually create your own Sitemap or there are third party tools to help you create it. You can then use Google Webmaster Tools to submit your site map.
  • Check for crawl errors. Use the crawl errors page see if there are any pages Google could not crawl. Fix any errors that you can.
  • Check your robots.txt file. Using the test robots.txt tool, make sure your site is allowing Googlebot to access all your URL and directories.

Using Google Webmaster Tools is a great way to get a handle on your SEO. There are many options to help you optimize your site such as adding video links, content tutorials and much more. If handling Sitemaps and other functions are more than you want to take on, one of our Virtual Assistants can help handle your SEO with Google and other search engine sites. For any website owner, knowing where you rank with the most popular search engine is a must and luckily, the basic tools to enhance your rank are free!

 photo credit:  brionv

Posted on August 20th, 2012 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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