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Going Above and Beyond in Client Relationships

As Virtual Assistants here at CVA, we make sure to give our clients the best possible service, which means going above and beyond, that extra mile, to assure not just satisfaction but excellence within our client relationships. Not only do we deliver tasks in a timely manner but we make sure that they are completed according to a high quality standard as expected by our clients. Our goal is to satisfy  the client’s needs, even if it means going beyond the given instructions…

There are times that clients do not know exactly what they want or need. All they know is that they need help – whether it is  with their website, their social media pages, newsletters, or even to their actual logo or branding. As Virtual Assistants, we’re prepared for any type of task thrown our way.  We’re all trained to make decisions to help our clients because we want them to be successful, and success is what VA and Client relationships are all about.

I like helping people in general, and that ultimately landed me a Virtual Assistant job here at CVA. I do follow instructions, but I also make sure to present the best options I know that will help the client become more successful. I’ll take the extra time to create options and make suggestions I know can benefit my clients.

To cite an example, I was once tasked to update the cover image of a client’s Facebook page. It was a simple task – move the logo, make sure the image is not stretched, and crop the cover properly. Of course I could have just done what was instructed – move logo, crop image, maintain resolution, and submit it back. But looking at the page, I saw that his branding looked dull against a lackluster background. I couldn’t possibly let an opportunity to help this client pass me by.

So, I designed a brand new cover image using the existing design elements, and improved the whole color scheme by taking some hints from the existing one. I also created a new profile picture for him to match the cover image. The result is a brighter and more colorful fan page that better reflected the client’s personality. It took a bit of research to arrive at the end result, but it was well worth it. The client loved the designs I created for him and, of course, I was very pleased. He was so ecstatic he actually considered changing his entire website to match what I had designed. That’s a great feeling. I’m proud to be a Virtual Assistant here at CVA, we go above and beyond the usual route to meet our clients’ needs.

Image credit: Andrew Pasaporte

Posted on September 5th, 2012 by Client Advocate Team

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