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The Role of a Customer Service Representative

The role of a customer service representative has experienced an evolution in today’s modern age of technology and advancement. Fifty years ago, an assistant, secretary or clerk handled the role. Today, a CSR brings more to the table than order entry and answering telephone calls. Although there are still many similarities, the role has grown and expanded over time.

In 1950, the role of a customer service representative was simple. A customer would enter a store, bank or office and the representative answered their questions and showed them the product. The idea was to serve the customer and perform routine job duties. If the office was closed, the customer waited until the next business day. Younger, single women usually handled this role.

Today, the customer service representative has many more job responsibilities than to answer phones and enter customer orders. The savvy customer service rep has sales and marketing skills, and is always changing and evolving just as technology does. No longer are days limited to just hours spent in an office. With PDA’s, email, Internet and more at home (and for most people in the palm of their hand) customers can receive answers immediately, instead of waiting two to three days. No longer are they just assistants and clerks. Now the role is a customer service manager, account manager, sales assistant and more.

Here at CVA, our customer service representatives go by the name “Client Advocate.” As a Client Advocate, I am more than just a customer service representative for my clients. When you need assistance from CVA, you don’t just have someone answer the phone and hope they can help you. Your Client Advocate is there to focus on you. You have a direct contact within the company to address concerns, questions, orders and more. Working virtually with an assistant and a team opens even more doors. No longer are business owners limited to the local workforce. There is an entire world out there, with CVA pulling the best from all four corners to serve you.

I strive everyday to leave each of my clients feeling like they are my only client. Of course there are more, but every one of them is special and deserves my attention like there is no other. I answer emails, schedule meetings and hold strategy sessions with clients to find out all that CVA can do for them. Here, it’s not just the customer submitting the order and receiving a work product. At CVA, we want to help grow your business and our entire team works towards that goal, “customer service reps” and all. The role of a customer service representative has evolved, so trust your Client Advocate.

photo credit: U.S. Army Engineer Research & Development Center

Posted on September 20th, 2012 by Client Advocate Team

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