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SEO Tip: Frequent Content Makes Search Engines Happy

Freshness is not just for the items in your pantry anymore. Keeping the content on your website “fresh” is important for SEO ranking, especially with the world’s largest search engine giant, Google. As one of the many patents that Google has implemented over the years regarding SEO scoring, the freshness update added in late 2011 addresses the need to keep content fresh and frequent. Although exact algorithmic parameters are always top secret, they basic idea around fresh content has been around for many years.

The Freshness Formula

There are a few things that search engines like Google are looking for when they crawl your site. One of the criteria that are used to “score” your site is the freshness of content. This is not just when your site content was last updated, but how many pages, how often, and how readers respond. Here are some contributing factors to your sites freshness score.

  • When content was implemented. The inception date of a document can be tracked from the first time it was found by a search engine. It then can begin to loose freshness from that date forward.
  • How often and how much content is changed. Another factor is how much and how often the content is changed. The more content changed, the more it can affect your score.
  • Adding pages. Not only does existing content need to be updated as needed, adding new pages can dramatically affect your score.
  • Links to fresh sites. If you have links to sites that are new, this adds to your own freshness score.
  • Content is always key. Having content that keeps readers attention will up your score. If they click on your site, then find it out-dated and click back to find different information, the time lost on your site can hurt your score.

Tips For Freshness

There is not a foolproof way to fake fresh content. The reason for the freshness score is to give consumers what they want, which is recent, intriguing information on the subject they are searching for. Your Virtual Assistant will know the best way to enhance your freshness, but here are some tips:

  • Use daily and weekly content boosters. Adding interesting information about related topics to your business, not just sales jargon.
  • Review page information. Content has to be changed as needed. Make sure old events and FYI information is deleted when no longer relevant.
  • Use links. Give your website and social media sites a freshness boost with links to hot topics going on right now.
  • Have a second pair of eyes. Businesses owners need someone dedicated to keeping content fresh. Use a Virtual Assistant to keep on top of your site content.

SEO is serious to marketing in the present internet world. Keeping your business site at the top of the SEO game takes ongoing maintenance and consistently adding new material to your potential customers. Keep it fresh, keep it relevant and do it often!

 photo credit: markshoots

Posted on October 1st, 2012 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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