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The Perfect Customer Life Cycle (Featuring Infusionsoft): Step 1: Get The Leads

For small businesses that have been looking to increase and streamline their online marketing capabilities, Infusionsoft may be the answer they have been looking for. Created specifically for small businesses, this software can give owners the tools to create an effective internet marketing campaign with true tracking and analysis data. In this first article, we will look at how Infusionsoft can help you attract new website traffic, capture leads and segment your leads.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

One of the great features of Infusionsoft is their CRM tool. This is used to capture new lead data and segment the leads, which will be used through the sales process and beyond. The idea is to automate the steps between getting the lead to making the sale, making it more efficient for your business. CRM will give you detailed information about your leads and customers in reporting that is easy to decipher and analyze.

Attract Traffic

Creating landing pages and web forms that are eye-catching and easy to put together is one of the tools that Infusionsoft provides. With simple drag techniques, you can put together landing pages that are functional as well as beautiful. The design includes built in metadata and key word fields to enhance your search engine capabilities, drawing more potential clients to your page and web forms. These pages are easily shared through social media and can contain unique tracking links to capture not only where leads came from, but also how each social media site is performing.

Capturing Leads

Through your web forms, you will be capturing lead information and beginning the conversion from lead to client. Once a lead is captured, everything that can be obtained about this potential customer is stored in the client file. This will include all the pertinent information the lead provided as well as what pages they looked at on your site and basic information on their technical capabilities. This file will track everything that happens with this customer going forward, from marketing emails they receive from your business, any actions they take and continues up through the sale and beyond.

Infusionsoft tracks potential customers that do not opt-in to your web form as well. This gives you insight to how many customers are looking at your site and what pages they are spending time on. Using this information, you can tailor your site to convert more these window shoppers into captured leads.

Segment Leads

Another tool that this program has is the ability to segment your leads by various data provided. Leads can be sorted by source, such as social media pages or website, by behavioral information, web activity, past purchases and much more. By segmenting your leads, they will be sent the correct marketing sequence that is targeted to their specific key buying signals. This improves your chance of making the initial sale and a new customer.

Of course getting leads is only the beginning of the process. Infusionsoft is not just for gaining customers but improving customer relations and service in small businesses. Our  Virtual Assistants can help implement and use this great software for your business. Our next article on Infusionsoft will go into more detail on how this program can help nurture leads through to the sales process.

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Posted on October 15th, 2012 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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