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The Perfect Customer Life Cycle (featuring Infusionsoft): Step 2: Nurture the Leads

Getting leads from your web forms is just the beginning to what Infusionsoft does for small businesses. Converting these leads to customers with an automated and effective marketing campaign that is tailored to each individual lead is what makes this program brilliant. Once you or your Virtual Assistant put this process into place, the system can automatically respond to the generated leads and send them on the right marketing path to achieving the sale.

Email Marketing

Infusionsoft has taken email marketing to a whole new level. The idea is not just to send out broadcast emails to your new leads and allow an auto responder to bring them through the sales path. This system can take them through a sequence of marketing steps based on the leads particular needs and behaviors. For example, previous auto responders would set in place a sequence of steps that happen after a lead clicks on a link that is sent through your email marketing, leading them to buy. However, these outdated versions do not take into consideration many different factors that can change between the consumer’s interest and decision to buy. Once the path is set towards a particular direction or product, the sequence of follow up email marketing will not deviate.

With Infusionsoft, you have the ability to create what are called branching rules. This allows the sequence of marketing steps to change with the customer’s responses. If a customer initially shows interest in one product, but by the second email, clicks on a link for a different product, these branching rules can automatically change the direction of future email marketing sent to them, making it more personalized and targeted to each customer.

Timing And Content

Using the information gathered through the lead capturing process and subsequent interactions with the potential customer, each lead can be segmented into categories. These categories help devise what content the emails sent to these leads contains, how often and when. Every detail can be pre-programmed into the automated system to allow for the best scenario that will get these customers to buy based on their tracked behaviors and other information. This allows for constant and consistent contact with the lead, without inundating them with unwanted solicitation that could have a negative impact.


Getting away from just offering general online coupons, this email marketing process allows for tailored offers for generated leads. Many marketing sequence models are driven to steer the lead towards the sale, learning more about them as you do so and then giving them a specific offer based on this information. Using this technique, you can increase the conversion percentages of leads to sales.

Infusionsoft is a great tool for nurturing leads through to the sales process. However, the sale is just the beginning of the customer relationship process. In our next article, we will discuss how to use Infusionsoft to extend and improve that relationship.

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Posted on October 17th, 2012 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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