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The Perfect Customer Life Cycle (featuring Infusionsoft): Step 4: Turn Into Fans

Evolving a new customer into a loyal, repeat customer is an ongoing process in the customer life cycle that never stops. Securing a new customer is fantastic, but what makes businesses successful is repeat and referred business. With all the time, energy and money it takes to gain a new customer, you want to make sure that once you have them, you do not lose them. This takes ongoing attention, contact and above all, excellent customer service. Then you can capitalize on that relationship with referrals and feedback to gain even more loyal fans!

Nurturing The Customer Relationship

Continuing past the initial sale with a customer to evolve them into a regular client takes time and persistence. Competitors will be constantly trying to lure your customers away, often using similar tactics as you did to get them in the first place. Ensuring they stay will you starts with excellent customer service; showing that you care about their needs and want to make certain they are satisfied with your service or product. One of the ways you can do this is by keeping in contact with them.

Infusionsoft can be a great tool to help with staying in contact with your customers. You can create ongoing email and direct mail communications that are strategically focused on customer service and retention, making sure that you stay in the forefront of the consumers mind. Your Virtual Assistant can help you compose the correct message and content for your communications based on the data Infusionsoft stores in the client files. This way your “generic” letters can seem more personalized to your customers. Ongoing contact can go a long way in building those long-term relationships that are so coveted by business owners.

Getting Referrals, Feedback And Testimonials

Once a relationship is established and you have a happy customer, you can begin to reap the rewards through referrals, feedback and testimonials. Nothing sells a service or product better than when a customer is willing to give them their thumbs up. While some customers may give this freely, chances are you will need to ask if you want to receive.

Getting referrals or even shares on social media can be as simple as asking a customer to do so. If they are happy with your service or product, they most likely will have no problem referring a friend or relative or sharing your business via social media. Consider giving a special offer to them for referrals through email or text communications that can make it even more enticing.

Feedback and testimonials may be a little more difficult to obtain as it does take some effort on the customers part. However, getting even a few happy customers to agree to share their opinion about your company is worth its weight in gold. The trick is to make the process as easy as possible for them. You can use tools within email communications that allow the customer to leave audio and even video feedback. Look into adding buttons, plug ins and services like to your emails when asking for testimonials or feedback.

From getting the lead all the way to the referral and testimonial process, you can use Infusionsoft to enhance your customer generation and retention. This type of tool is great for saving on time and energy put into the marketing and communication portion of your business, leaving you more time to focus on improving and growing your products or services.

photo credit: ausnahmezustand

Posted on October 29th, 2012 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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