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Better Communication Means Better Customer Care

At CVA, communication between the Client Advocate and the Virtual Assistant is vital. It’s how we work together to keep the client happy. As Client Advocates, we usually get emails or phone calls from a client about urgent issues. Being able to quickly communicate with the client’s VA speeds up our ability to fix the client issue. We use communications to give great customer service.

Of course with today’s technology, we have several ways to communicate. Calling a VA on the telephone is usually the quickest, but not always the best. Instant messaging is a great substitute for email or phone calls. Instant messaging programs are great tools for getting a quicker response. Using instant messaging can bring the information to the VA’s attention much faster than email.

However, email is the channel we probably use the most. That’s because in an email we can describe exactly what the client wants. The majority of our Virtual Assistants get back quickly and give us much of the detail that we need to do our jobs.

The problem with email is being able to put exactly what the client wants in writing. After all, everyone interprets communication differently. As Client Advocates we have to make our communications clear and understandable for the VA. Follow up and having a VA to repeat the information in their own words, to make sure we’ve been understood, is important.

Listing the client issues in an email and then following up with a phone call is a great way to make sure everyone understands. You can list the issues in an email, then go over each item with the VA by phone. If both the Client Advocate and the VA have the items in front of them, there’s less chance of anything being  skipped over or misinterpreted.

Good communication between the Client Advocates and Virtual Assistants is vital to our clients and part of our services.  Although we usually don’t need an “instant response,” problems do occasionally occur that need immediate attention. Knowing that we have the ability to get the response quickly makes our job easier. It allows us to reassure a client that problems will be resolved as fast as possible. For the CVA Client Advocate team, better communication means better customer care.


Posted on November 21st, 2012 by Client Advocate Team

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