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Building an Affiliate Program: Front End vs. Back End

Affiliate programs can certainly be a great way to bring in additional revenue with very little effort on your part. This is especially true when you enlist the help of a Virtual Assistant who specializes in managing affiliate programs.

There are typically two different types of products that you will make available through your affiliate program: Front end and back end products. It is important for you to understand the difference between the two as you build your affiliate program.

Front End – A front end product may be a paid purchase or a free give-away that a customer has requested. Either way, this step has initiated the process of adding this individual to your affiliate’s contact list. From this front end transaction, they have learned something about that customer; they have discovered an area of interest and that interest is related to your particular products.

Front end products are sometimes called ‘teasers.’ They have small price tags; they are offered more as a marketing strategy than an income generator. Therefore, to encourage your affiliates to promote your front end products, you may want to offer high commissions on your front end products, even up to 100%. The goal of offering these products is to qualify leads. If they’ve nibbled at the small bait, the chances of being able to sell them on your ‘back end’ products increase.

Back End – Your back end products are the true backbone of your revenue. They are the main course, versus the appetizer represented by the front end product.

An example of a front end product would be a short e-book or report titled “How SEO Can Increase Your Sales” that sells for five dollars or less. This front end product could be the teaser for a back end product like a full-length course titled “All You Need to Know About Current SEO Strategies and How to Implement Them,” which sells for several hundred dollars.

These front end products should offer enough value that the customer has truly gained something through their purchase, but they should also be structured in such a way that they want to come back for much. Enough to appreciate the value, but not enough to fully satisfy their need. That is the goal of your front end products.

Of course, all of this is just one more aspect of your complete affiliate marketing program. The creation of these small front end pieces can often be projects that you delegate to your Virtual Assistant, freeing up your time to focus on the more detailed back end products.

Creative Commons License photo credit: sprout_creative

Posted on November 14th, 2012 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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