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Building Your List: Step 1 – Getting Started

Email marketing is the direct marketing tool of the digital world. In order for it to be affective, however, you need to build your own qualified list of individuals who have agreed to be on your mailing list. Sending out unrequested promotional emails to a broad spectrum of email addresses will only end up getting your message caught in spam filters and sent to Junk Mail.

The first step in the process of building your list is to provide a means for those who visit your website to demonstrate their interest in your product or services by asking to be put on your email list. Anyone who is willing to do this has automatically qualified themselves as a valuable lead for your business. In order to collect those names and email addresses, you will need to choose software to automate the process for you so that you do not have to manually enter customer information and personally send out emails to each person who requests to be on your mailing list.

List Building Software

Mailchimp and Aweber are two of the most widely used email list builders available. Most any Virtual Assistant will be familiar with them, how they function and the different options available through these programs. The concept that all of these and similar programs utilize is quite simple: They provide an ‘Opt-in’ form for your website where people interested in joining your email list can enter their name and email address. The software then adds this email to your mailing list.

Creating the Opt-in Box

Your list builder software will provide you with plenty of choices as to design and information collection fields. You can create a simple box on your website that invites your visitors to enter their name and email address with a submit button to click below it, or you can take it further than that to grab their attention and collect additional information. Many websites are now using animated sign-in forms that hover over the web page and only appear after the individual has stayed on the web page for a specified time period. Some opt-in boxes also include information fields related to personal interests to further categorize the lead. How simple or complex you make the form is totally up to you.

Selecting your list building software and creating your opt-in box are the very first steps related to building your mailing list. Our Virtual Assistants are familiar with the different list building programs available and the using them to create the appropriate opt-in box for each business. In the next article in this series, we’ll discuss how to optimize your mailing list attraction and get people to join your list.

 photo credit: Esparta

Posted on November 19th, 2012 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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