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Organization Is the Key to Success

When I began with CVA, I wasn’t sure how it would all work. I’d never worked from home before.  CVA offered so many services, but I since knew I had a team to lean on felt confident I could succeed.  As it turns out, being with my clients is just like being in a normal office setting only without leaving my home.

As in a normal office, I created charts, schedules and lists to help me stay organized, especially since I work with a number of clients each day.  It helps me stay on top of things if I can keep track of what’s going on with each client. For me, organization is the key to success as a virtual assistant.

The first one I created was an appointment chart.  One of my clients has a very full schedule and it’s way too easy for things to fall through the cracks.  This chart has on it all the pertinent information for the appointment including the name, e-mail address, how long and what kind of appointment to set up, when they were contacted and what was offered.  This allows both the client and myself to check on the progress at a glance.

Also, I use a chart to track any travel arrangements made for clients.  This enables me to offer several different arrival and departure dates and times, so the client can pick and choose the best arrangement for their particular plan.  Additionally, I created a chart for any on-going consultation sessions my clients hold so we both know at a glance what has taken place, what is left in the contract, and if things were rescheduled, by whom and to what date.

We even have a chart for our weekly meetings with each other on things that we want to cover on the call, the tasks done the week before and by whom.  During the call we add to it and make it our “to do” list for the week.   Each client has his or her own specific charts saved in a Google drive screen for access by both of us.  My charts are my lifeline and enable me to keep things moving and on track. Here at CVA , I’ve found organization is the key to success.

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Posted on November 28th, 2012 by Client Advocate Team

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