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Training and Conferences: Online Tools To Save Time & Money

Connecting with business associates and clients by hopping on a plane is being faded out as more and more companies start using teleseminars, webinars and online conferences for “face-to-face” interactions. For just a fraction of the cost, meetings and trainings can now be held from the comfort of your own office with people from all around the world. Learning to use these tools within your business can save time and money that only a few years ago would have been wasted on travel costs. You can even have your Virtual Assistant manage, set-up and host your next online training or conference.


These audio only conferences have been around for many years and were the first way to connect people across the miles in a forum where ideas could be shared. Basically, these are the conference calls that have been a part of most business people’s lives for the last few decades. They are great when a group may not all have access to a computer or online access. It is not unusual for many of the participants to be on their cell phones when attending.


Webinars have becoming the training and marketing tool to use when you need to share a visual presentation with a group of people across the miles. These are usually hosted by one entity and invitations to join are generally sent out via email. Participants can join from their computers and can either listen through their computers or “dial in” to a conference call number. Although most webinars have the ability for members to converse, they are typically hosted and questions instant messaged to the webinar leader so they can address them.

Online Conferences

With the use of such free tools as Skype, you can literally have a conference with people all over the world; even sharing visual presentations through screen capture programs during the meeting. These differ from the webinars in the fact that they are geared more towards group participation like an actual face-to-face meeting. Although it is usually initiated and hosted, the leader does not necessarily always have the floor.

There are many ways you can use these tools to save time and money. Instead of flying across the country or even driving across town, you can eliminate the wasted time needed to travel and connect with others using these tools. Although there may still be times when you really want to meet with clients or associates in person, there are many times where the virtual option is all that is really needed. Some ideas of when these tools may be used:

  • Product training
  • Hiring interviews
  • Client meetings
  • Associate brainstorming sessions

If you are not the technical savvy type or just do not have the time, use your Virtual Assistant to take care of the set-up and planning. Delegating these types of tasks out to them is exactly what they are there for. Once you explore the different ways you can use these tools, you will wonder how you had time to do it any other way!

 photo credit: Johan Larsson

Posted on November 5th, 2012 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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