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Promoting Yourself and Your Products on Pinterest

If your business has a presence on Facebook and Twitter, it’s time to stop over and create a pin board on Pinterest, the third largest social media platform. 

Don’t overlook the potential of Pinterest to find new customers, sell products and build your brand. Your business doesn’t have to only sell products in order to take advantage of the opportunities that Pinterest can offer for any business.

How do you promote the products you sell? Pin it!

Pinterest allows users to create their own pin boards where they can take a photo from nearly everywhere online and “pin” it to the many categories they create on their virtual boards. It’s a way to keep track of ideas, recipes, jokes – you name it. You probably already have photos that represent the products or services you offer posted right now on your business website. Once you develop your own business pin board, you can create interesting pins using your website photos and link your Pinterest followers back to your website.

Maintaining your Pinterest presence

Engage your business and showcase the products you offer with Pinterest’s large audience reach. Post new pins regularly and visit your followers’ boards to leave comments. Re-pin any of their fun or interesting pins to your board. If your website has a blog, be sure to pin your blog updates.

A virtual assistant can bring your Pinterest board to life by keeping it regularly updated with interesting pins and interacting with your followers. It would allow you, the business owner, to focus on other things, like the day-to-day operations of your business.

Virtual assistants can promote your pins on other social media sites. They can post tweets on Twitter and status updates on Facebook, too. If you don’t have a virtual assistant yet, just be careful not to become a heavy Pinterest pinner. Sometimes too much sharing can turn other followers off to following you. Too many pins from one board can be overwhelming.

Encourage and Promote Pinterest on Your Website or Blog

It’s great to promote your own products and services, but even better if your customers will do it for you. Add a “Pin it” button to your web and blog content so that everything on your website can be pinned on Pinterest. Start a pin board that encourages your customers to pin photos of themselves using your products there. Engagement is key to successfully reaching potential customers. Mention your presence on Pinterest on business newsletters or company emails.

Develop a Pinterest Strategy

Once you’ve spent enough time on the social media site, you’ll discover what pins your followers enjoy the most. Develop a new board for content you think your potential customers would like, it may generate more followers. They don’t have to be solely product-based pins. Think bigger than that. Post newspaper stories featuring events or causes your business supports or your own interests.

If you don’t have the time to devote to promote yourself or your products on Pinterest, let a virtual assistant help get you started.

 photo credit: ShardsofBlue

Posted on December 17th, 2012 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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