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Twenty-Five Pesky Tasks to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

As a small business owner, you may be considering hiring a virtual assistant to help keep up with your mounting workload.

But if you’re like most owners, you don’t know where to start. For someone who has done it all, it may be difficult delegating responsibilities. What can a VA do for your business, anyway? Plenty.

Here’s a list of 25 random small tasks you either have been putting off or are finding yourself spending valuable work time performing when you should be focusing on more important things, like the growth of your business:

  1. Set up your website or blog. Ok, this is a big thing, but it might be something you’ve been putting off for years. Don’t wait until you have the time to learn WordPress, Photoshop or basic web design, let someone much more knowledgeable start the process for you.
  2. Update your email and address contact lists.
  3. Spend hours comparing flight and hotel information for that conference in Chicago, then create a list of the best travel and flight options and book what you want.
  4. Serve as a job recruiter to help fill a vacant position within your company.
  5. Unsubscribe you from those annoying email mailing lists that crowd your inbox.
  6. Create a chart or graph out of your own data.
  7. Prepare an effective and well-designed sales presentation.
  8. Create a sales flyer.
  9. Edit your outgoing business emails for grammatical mistakes.
  10. Write those business emails in the first place.
  11. Transcribe your voicemail messages or any digital audio recordings and email those notes to you.
  12. Do the research and write a blog post for your website.
  13. Organize your ideas, thoughts and goals into concrete lists.
  14. Perform boring data entry.
  15. Organize your work day or week with an email calendar to make sure you get alerts before each meeting or appointment.
  16. Spend an afternoon preparing financial spreadsheets.
  17. Send a bouquet of flowers to your mom for her birthday.
  18. Order lunch.
  19. Upload product photos and descriptions on Facebook.
  20. Defriend unfriendly Facebook friends on your business Facebook page. Life is too short.
  21. Do research for your new product launch.
  22. Set up a business budget and track expenditures.
  23. Find the best preschool for your young child.
  24. Create winning templates for your sales presentations.
  25. Develop SEO-driven web content for your website or blog.


A virtual assistant can’t make you coffee or remember to turn the office lights off for you at the end of the day. There are still many other overlooked jobs that you can delegate to a VA.

Your business should be your top priority. All the rest is just weighing you down from your most important job, being a creative and successful business owner.

 photo credit: MattHurst

Posted on December 10th, 2012 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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