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Tips for a Successful VA Relationship

Many business professionals these days are aware of the concept of working with a virtual assistant. But on the same token, just as many really aren’t sure what to look for or how to accommodate a VA. Hiring a virtual assistant does have similarities to hiring in-house employees, but there are some major differences as well:

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Answers to Client Questions: Inquiring Minds Want To Know…


As Client Advocates, we regularly “check in” with our clients either by phone or email. We do this not only to assess the working relationship with their VA, but also to gain insight into what’s new and happening with the client and their business.

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Email Overwhelm, Part 2

You may have started implementing the strategies we discussed in the first article or perhaps it is still on your to-do list. The second part in this series aims at a more radical change—we will be changing our perception of our inboxes. We will start looking at inboxes in an action-oriented way.

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Why Keyword Overload Is a Poor SEO Practice

In the beginning years of Googledom, SEO consisted of inserting as many keywords as logically possible into site content, page title, and headlines. However, over the years, the complaints of users frustrated by keyword-stuffed irrelevant content, sometimes even unintelligible, got Google thinking. In the mad race for the top of the rankings, sites with relevant, original content were losing out. They were purely for humans, not SEO optimized; the other, only for fooling the search engine algorithm.

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Reducing Email Overwhelm, Part 1

If you are a successful entrepreneur or online business executive, you most likely could be experiencing email overwhelm. Emails of companies you never subscribed to and that of events you never plan to attend may visit your inbox regularly. The major irritants are the ones that try to market their goods to every human being on the planet. Equally annoying are the emails that you subscribed to, which do not provide any content of value, carrying only a sales objective.

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Featured Weekend Reading (02/01/2013)


Woo hoo Friday is here! Can you believe that it’s February already?  Seems like just yesterday it was Christmas! It has been a busy week here at CVA land with month end and we are all ready for the weekend and some rest and relaxation. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get this weekend started!

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