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Assuring That Sales Copy Leaves No Questions

Have you ever read through a landing page on a website or a promotional email and get to the end of the sales presentation without a clear understanding of what the ‘amazing’ product is that they are selling? It can and does happen, but it shouldn’t. Good sales copy should leave no questions unanswered regarding what the product is, how it will be delivered and when. Why it is a great product and how it will benefit the customer are central to good sales copy, but leaving out the other basic information can hinder a sale. Lack of information or incorrect information in your sales copy can lead to frustrated and unsatisfied customers, another situation that no business wants to have.

Description: What Is It?

When reviewing your sales copy always look to be sure that you’ve clearly explained ‘what’ the product is. If it is a downloadable digital product rather than hardcopy, make that clear. Don’t call it a ‘book’ when it’s an ebook. Don’t show a picture of a CD when you’re selling MP3 files. Clearly spell out what form the product is being sold in.

Give a full description of the product. Physical items should include dimensions or size designations. Any special features or accessories that are (or are not) included with the purchase should be included in the description. List compatibility issues, if that applies to the product. The more information you can give your customer, the more comfortable they will be in making a purchase from you.

When, Where and How?

How much will it cost? What is included in that price? Are there additional charges for handling and shipping? These are all questions that your customers will want answers to as they read through a sales presentation. How do I place my order and when will I receive it? More questions that are easily left unanswered, especially when we make the assumption that the answers are commonly understood. Never assume! Spell out all the details as to how the transaction is to be completed, what the payment options are and when and how they can expect to receive their purchase.

Our familiarity with our own product and sales system can cause us to easily overlook some of the most basic information when writing sales copy. Having your Virtual Assistant either write the sales copy for you or review and edit it for you can help you avoid these common pitfalls when writing sales copy.

 photo credit: matryosha

Posted on March 11th, 2013 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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