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Why Our Clients Are Important To Us


Clients are big business at CVA. This holds true throughout the entire company, but resonates most within our Client Advocate Department. Our unique approach to providing a supportive team along with a virtual assistant gives our clients more than just administrative help. They have a whole team of Client Advocates, doing just that –– advocating for them.

As a Client Advocate, nothing comes before my clients. They are my top priority, because without them neither I, nor CVA, would be here! Our CA Team strives to always put our clients first because they are the backbone of our business. Their needs, desires, and even troubles, are our number one concern. We are more than a customer service department, we truly advocate for the clients’ wants and needs.

Recently, one of my clients was not getting the results she wanted from a software program. After several attempts by the virtual assistant to make things work properly, the client reached out to me to ask for advice and assistance. Working with her and the virtual assistant over the course of several days, we were finally able to reach a resolution. The client was gracious enough to offer several times to change software programs, if that would make the process easier. But we insisted on working with what she had, and not incur another expense. To test the successfulness of our work, we also made several purchases through the her website. She was pleased to know that our CA team will go that extra mile to make our clients happy and ensure their work is satisfactory. I was simply happy to see my client getting the results she wanted.

These are the everyday things a CA does for clients. We often reach out to evaluate the progress of certain tasks, help maintain the hours on an account and even work directly with our VA staff to ensure client needs are being met behind the scenes.  We want to see our clients succeed and grow, while we grow right alongside them. Our CAs offer encouragement, support and guidance to our clients every day.

Here at CVA, our CA team loves working with clients. We will go above and beyond to make sure they are happy with not only their VA services, but with their business as a whole. The CA Team provides more to our clients than customer service, we help our clients build and grow their businesses.  From strategy calls, planning sessions and even helping to incorporate a social media plan, the CA team possesses a wealth of knowledge for our clients. And we love to share it with them, helping them to grow their businesses!


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Posted on March 13th, 2013 by Client Advocate Team

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