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Featured Weekend Reading (04/12/2013)


TGIF! That’s right folks our favorite day of the week is finally here. We have all worked super hard this week here in CVA land and it appears that Spring has finally decided to make its appearance, so let’s use this weekend to enjoy the weather and relax and unwind. So what are you waiting for its time to get our weekend on!

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Improve Your SEO with Google Webmaster Tools

However unique and insightful a site’s content is, unless it has a top search engine ranking, visitors will not be able to find it. Traffic will build up very slowly.

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How Delegating Tasks is Good for Business

In the earliest days of your business, you probably shouldered most or even all of the responsibility out of sheer necessity. As you business grows, however, it’s important to learn the skill of delegating some tasks to others.

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The Power of Unpopular

It seems like common sense: in order to launch a successful brand, a business needs to be as popular as possible across the board. Erika Napoletano’s book The Power of Unpopular: A Guide to Building Your Brand for the Audience Who Will Love You (and why no one else matters) takes that conventional wisdom and turns it on its ear, offering innovative ideas for building a brand based on community building and “becoming unpopular.”

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