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Article Marketing Versus Guest Blogging

There are some out there in the world of SEO marketing that say article marketing is dead and guest blogging is now the way to go. Others maintain that while article-marketing tactics may have changed, there are still benefits to using it as an SEO practice. For businesses that are looking to drive that all-so important web traffic to their sites, it is important to understand the benefits and drawbacks of both.

Article Marketing

There is no doubt that article marketing has propelled many websites to the top of the search engine ladder. Posting articles on as many sites as possible and linking them back to yours can drive SEO and traffic to your site. However, since it was so effective in the beginning, it has been manipulated to the point where search engines like Google have evolved beyond being fooled with articles being posted for only SEO purposes.

The problem is that too many of the same articles are spun and generated over and over again and are mostly keyword driven. The articles often have no reading appeal and are “spun” to the point of not even making sense. Links that are attached are artificial and often do not even represent the content of the article. Mass marketing has created article directories that are full of spam and useless content.

All that being said, is there still a use for article marketing? Many say yes, as long as it is done with content in mind, not just to put keywords and links out into the web. Article marketing that has unique content and is well written can still be used to drive SEO and traffic to websites.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is what article marketing originally started as before it became corrupted with computer generated articles that are splattered all over the internet. Posting an article on a guest blog has a few different benefits.

  • Content. The owner of the blog does not want useless content on their site. They invite guest blogs to enhance their site and give new content, not to bog it down with useless information. They can pick and choose what articles are posted, which means they tend to be tougher to get on and the content is of higher quality.
  •  Links. Guest blogs have the ability to create extra links back to your site. This can be very valuable for drawing traffic and increasing SEO.
  • Awareness. More people are going to actually read a guest blog than an article posted on a huge article directory. Many blogs have subscribers that actually get the blog articles sent to their email or RSS reader.

The only real draw back to guest blogging is that is it much more time consuming than article marketing. However, due to its effectiveness, one guest blog may out perform dozens of articles on less reputable sites.

As with most marketing, it really it not whether to use one or the other but instead it is how you use them that is important. Our Virtual Assistants can help you implement and maintain either method to enhance your SEO and gain the traffic benefits to your business’ website.

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Posted on May 6th, 2013 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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