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To Blog Or Not To Blog

It wasn’t long ago that many companies would put out weekly or monthly newsletters to keep their clients up-to-date on what was new and exciting within the company. Of course many companies still do that, but more and more are turning to blog pages to keep both their existing clients and potential new clients abreast of what is changing in both internal affairs and in the industry that they are in. Blogging can be both informative and a way to attract new customers to your website and business.

Benefits Of Blogging

There are two main reasons to add a blog to your website or start a separate blog page. The first is to have a platform where your business can share new trends, products and ideas with customers. This can be done in real time, without waiting for editing, printing and distributing to take place. It is ideal for promoting and informing.

The other main reason is for SEO purposes. By adding new content containing both information and words that potential customers in your industry are searching for, they have a better chance of finding your website. New content and keywords are both part of the many aspects that search engines are looking at when creating the algorithms that determine where your website will land on a search page.

Blog Blunders

Unfortunately, many websites are home to blogs that have gone bad. There are a few common blunders that happen with blogs that can actually do more harm than good to a business website. These can be easily avoided and even amended.

  • Inconsistent. Blogs should be regularly updated and kept current. For both SEO purposes and to keep customer’s interest, new information needs to be added for it to be relevant. Adding a new piece once a week is a good goal.
  • Keyword overload. Too many websites focus solely on the SEO aspect of the blog and in turn, create articles that are heavily laden with keyword phrases. These pieces sound unnatural and are generally unappealing to read. Let keywords transpire naturally.
  • Sales pitches. Although it is perfectly fine to inform customers of new and innovative products and services that are available, bombarding them with sales pitches on a blog should be avoided. Keep the blog informative and save the sales pitches for other platforms.

Many business owners have shied away from adding blogs due to the time it takes or a lack of a competent writer on staff. However, having a well-maintained blog can be a positive enhancement to the company image as well as create revenue in the form of up sales and new customers. Outsourcing blog maintenance is very common and it is just one more service that we offer at Contemporary Virtual Assistance. Your VA can answer any questions you have about creating and maintaining a blog and what would work best for your business.

 photo credit: Maria Reyes-McDavis

Posted on May 20th, 2013 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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