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Understanding How to Successfully Work With A Virtual Assistant: Don’t Overreact

Having a virtual assistant has many benefits that most business managers and owners appreciate. However, there are times that errors are made or you need a change quickly. It can be frustrating not be able to simply walk over to their desk and get the task handled immediately. Understanding the limitations and time restraints of your VA and how to best to react when there is a problem can ensure that your needs are met as quickly as possible.

VA Job Responsibilities

Virtual assistants may treat you like you are their only client, but in reality, they have several clients that they work with. Just like you would not want them to do work for another client while you are paying for their services, it is important to remember that if they are in the middle of a project with another client, they cannot always stop and handle immediate requests from you. Although they are always mindful of their email and messages, they must not infringe on one client’s time to assist another.

Handling Errors

A client should never be charged for fixing a mistake. We would love to promise that errors will never happen, but that is just not realistic. Everyone makes mistakes and even the most reliable VA will from time to time make an error. What a responsible VA can do is make sure that it is corrected as quickly as possible at no charge to you as a client.

So you notice a typo, or something is amiss on your website. Your first reaction is going to be to call your VA or email them about the issue. Unfortunately, your VA may be busy at that moment and not be able to respond right away. Some clients may get impatient after only waiting a few minutes and begin sending additional emails or leave more messages on their phone. Keep in mind that your VA is not ignoring you; they are just not available right at that moment. Give them at least 30 minutes to respond before trying again. Leaving several messages will just delay them getting back to you as they listen and read all the correspondence they received while they were attending to other priorities.

If for some reason you need immediate assistance for an emergency and your VA is not responding right away, you can email your client advocate, or if you are a CVA client, use the contact link on this site. Someone will help you get the problem resolved. The most important thing to remember is not to overreact or panic when you do not hear back right away from your VA. They are there to assist you and will respond as soon as possible to get the issue handled.

photo credit: eessam

Posted on May 13th, 2013 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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